Breaking the cycle!

Breaking the cycle or change is the first step on the C.O.R.E Method, but often people ask me, why I need to change? why you like change so much?

The reality is: Change is the only constant in LIFE! Yes, life can change in a split second, and change always come with lessons. The key is if you gonna learn the lesson or not.

Choosing not to learn the lesson, the cycle will keep repeating itself over and over again. Life will keep adding challenges in order to make you learn the lesson. Because the reality is you can’t face a challenge with the same old mindset. Well can you can but you won’t learn the lesson. If you want to learn and grow, CHANGE is a must.


In order to grow you need to change and adapt, therefore you can’t see and approach in the same way as before. You need to look and see what you need to change, learn and adapt from it. Stephen Hawkins said “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.


Now, change is not always easy, in fact, change can cause a lot of stress and stress is not necessarily a bad thing. In my view stress is a chance to grow and stress is only bad when you don’t learn from it. Check my YouTube video about stress HERE.

Embrace the change, when those life challenges appears for you, embrace it because life is giving you an opportunity to grow. It’s no about winning or losing, it’s about learning and growing. And that is why I love change, because change makes us grow and learn.

Change, Optimize, Reconnect, Exceed!

Rich Wygand

PS: Remember the minute you decide to break the cycle you are in fact already learning and growing


Embracing the suck!

Well, at one point in Life we all have said: This sucks! Or we still say every once in a while for many reasons. The truth is life is not perfect and never will be, and sometimes it feels that sucks big time, however does it really suck? The reality is we can explain life spiritually and when you do life does not suck at all, if fact, you signed up for this.

embracing the suck

I will explain, all challenges you face in life, at least the big ones there is a lesson behind all this. Other ones are just consequences from your other decisions. You might not believe, or not even think about it, however everything happens for a reason and there a huge lesson behind all of this, you just need to look for it!

As a former pro athlete I learned how to embrace the suck, literally. Because as an athlete you need to reinvent yourself almost every single day. Some days training or racing it just really SUCKED, but I learned how to go within and find the answers.

After my first 2 years as an athlete I started to use this into my own life whenever I faced a difficult time, or a challenge. I started to embrace the suck and look for the big picture and started to look for lessons behind all this. Sometimes the answer comes right away, sometimes it does not. Sometimes I needed to meditate more, sometimes I didn’t, but the answer comes every time without a fail. Once you start learning the lesson, things will start to flow in the right direction.

So, what can be done?

  1. Embrace the suck! Yes, you might think it sucks big time, so suck it up, embrace it, you sign up for this.
  2. Stop and breath! On challenge situations we usually get anxious and stress out to a point that we do not think properly. So stop, take a few deep breaths.
  3. Ask yourself: What is the lesson behind all this. As I said before, sometimes the answer comes right away, sometimes it does not, however it comes every time without a fail.

With Gratitude,

Rich Wygand



Fake News

We all heard of fake news, correct? I mean lately is all we hear about it is FAKE NEWS! I don’t want to get in the political side of it. However I must ask aren’t you tired of Fake? Does faking really works?

Well in my point of view faking does not work, because faking might make you look good for others but when you lay down at night it is the same; because you have being faking not only for others but, which is worst, for yourself. And that is where the biggest damage happens.

The reality is we can expect to live in a real, honest, world if we are not honest with ourselves. Coming from a sports background I can say that I seen it a lot. I have presence so many things such as: usage of drugs to enhance performance, cheating during competition, lying about what happen during race and training, and the list goes on. Even in the nutritional world I have seen authors talking about vegan diet when in fact they were not vegan at all. Even in the business world I have seen many many nasty things happening…

I must say, is not everyone, in fact the “Fake News” of many industries is very little, the problem is that we see them as role models. For example, I usually say the girl in the magazine does not even look like the girl in the magazine. The picture you see in the magazine, easily pass to a lot of Photoshop, and the model most likely starve herself before taking that picture! That being said, the model does not look like that.


So what to do? Well there are a few things we can all benefit from.

  • Acceptance: Accept where you are, because you can only change what you accept.
  •  Look inside: Be brutally honest with yourself but at the same time be kind. Criticizing yourself does not work, so be kind with yourself (that might be actually the first time in years).
  • Long term: Look for a long term solution, not a quick fix. Quick fix don’t work, you must work with the core of the issue.
  • Take action: Take imperfect action, there is no mistake, only lessons. By taking action even if doesn’t work you will be moving forward.
  • Be yourself: In a world that you can be anything, just be yourself!

With Gratitude,

Richard Wygand



The Opposite

Well at one point in life we have seen Seinfeld, or at least heard of it. One of the episodes George Castanza decided to do the opposite of everything he always did. The result was magnificent, and why is that?


(click in the picture to see the video)
Well,  there are a few things that we can look into.

  1. George decided to change and that can be uncomfortable. Our brain always want to go back to comfort, however comfort does not mean happiness or success (Exceed).
  2.  He was brutally honest. Yes, George started to be true to himself and beautiful things happnes when you are true to yourself, and not trying to fit in.
  3. George went beyond his limiting beliefs. Over the years we have a tendency to accumulate beliefs that might not be true to yourself or benefit us. George decided to face them, by reacting differently.

Interesting enough those are a few things we teach in  the C.O.R.E Method. In that episode George started to exceed in his life. George got a girlfriend, he got a job and he was extremely confident with himself.

What about you? Are you ready to exceed in life?